Just as I was complaining about there not being any hybrids that I'd buy, here I've stumbled upon one by accident.  It's called "The Attack" and it's a hybrid supercar with over 300 hp developed from a AC electric motor powering the front wheels and a 1.9L VW TDi biodiesel powering the rears. The batteries powering the electric motor act as capacitors able to discharge a lot of energy in short bursts, enough for 0-60 runs in the sub 4-second range. Under normal driving conditions the car is powered by the biodiesel engine and achieves 50mpg. 

And the best part is, this super-hybrid didn't come from the Big 3 or some obscure Euro supercar maker, "The Attack" is the work of the West Philadelphia High School Electric Vehicle Team - a group of 6 high school, YES, high school kids. Mad props to these kids for giving a new meaning to "pimpin' my ride". WORD.

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