Prius FrontHybrids are the talk of the town nowadays, and rightfully so, with gas prices as high as they are, factor in the tax benefits and carpool lane exemption (in certain areas), these alternative offerings have not only gotten the attentions of the environmentally conscious, but also the budget conscious.  

And now, with an even bigger tax rebate for Hybrids on the horizon, Hybrids are looking more tempting than ever. As a result of the newly-signed $286.5 billion transit bill, starting in 2006, Toyota Prius buyers will get a $3,150 tax credit as opposed to the current $2,000. As well, 2 Hybrid SUVs, Toyota Highlander and Ford Escape, will each qualify for $2,600. 

Now, if only someone would make a hybrid that I would actually enjoy driving and would be proud to be seen in…

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