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I don't know what kind of car you had in college, but I drove a 1990 Ford Probe that my dad graciously paid half for (thanks pa!), and after I spent another couple of grand of my hard-earned money pimpin' it out — 2 Kicker comp 15" subs, Soundstream amps, Sony deck and changer, Infinity speakers…I thought I had a pretty cool ride. My neighbors didn't like it so much though as their room shook every time I pulled in the driveway thanks to my booming bass…but I didn't care, I was young.

So, when I read Forbes' selection of Best Cars for College Students 2005, frankly, I was disappointed. Yes, clearly, they are coming from the parents' perspective in thinking the parents would likely be footing the bill and want a sensible and safe car for their kids. But what college kid would want to be caught in a Chevy Malibu or Hyundai Elantra? And how many parents will be able to buy their kid an A4? And how come none of the Scions made it to the list? I'm confused.

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