Sales of the diesel-powered Jeep Liberty are off to a stronger start than anticipated by Chrysler, according to chief of product development Frank Klegon. It was expected to sell about 5,000 units in 2005, but already 6,000 have been sold. I'm not sure why it's surprising that a torquey and fuel-efficient engine would be popular in a Jeep, but the world of marketing is a weird one indeed. Additionally, Chrysler also states that diesels will account for 200,000 of its Dodge Ram sales this year, or approximately 30% of their total sales - an impressive number, considering that the Cummins is only available in Heavy Duty models. Now, you'd think that Chrysler would finally take the plunge and offer a diesel option for one of its passenger cars, but Klegon refuses to say whether they'll go in that direction.

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