The new Jeep Commander - the first Jeep SUV to offer third-row seating - will be rolled-out using a "urban, hip-hop" marketing campaign, according to Chrysler officials. As the first part of this campaign, it will be featured in Missy Elliot's video "Lose Control". Doesn't that sound like a terrible song name to associate with a tall, boxy SUV? The manufacturer is in talks to expand its relationship with Elliot, which might include 30 seconds of Jeep-exclusive music from her, and a cameo appearance in TV ads for the Commander. As a three-time Grammy winner and the largest-selling female rapper of all time, Elliot probably stands a better chance of reaching young potential buyers than, say, Celine Dion. Art Spinella of CNW Marketing Reseach says it so you don't have to - this is an attempt by Jeep to increase its sales among minorities, which recently have not been big purchasers of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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