SRT LogoWe met up with the Chrysler SRT (Street and Racing Technology) guys at Summit Point Raceway in Summit Point, WV. This facility sports three separate circuits on its grounds as well as a special test loop. SRT had decided to use Summit Points' Jefferson Circuit. This 1.1 mile circuit has seven turns and is well suited for our day of testing.

Shortly after we concluded the safety presentation we went out and discussed the SRT division and its purpose. Chrysler?s SRT division, the AMG of the Chrysler Group, is not just a factory ?tuner? but a major part of Chrysler?s racing effort and a specialty vehicle manufacturer for vehicles such as the Viper and the ME Four Twelve concept car. The SRT guys brought out a Dodge SRT4, Magnum SRT8, Ram SRT10, both two door and crew cab, and a Viper SRT10. They also brought Chrysler?s range of SRT cars; including the 300C SRT8 and the Crossfire SRT6, in convertible and coupe flavors. With such a wide variety of SRT vehicles, it was clear that Chrysler?s line up of factory hot-rods is tough to beat. In fact, the SRT guys make Ford?s SVT division seem lazy by comparison. It was a shame that the Charger SRT8 and the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 were not there to check out, but we can?t be too choosy. Regardless, each SRT is developed with an eye towards exterior and interior styling, ride and handling, engine performance, and braking.

We?re going to continue to talk about SRT over the next few days. Look for part two of this article tomorrow where we talk with Dan Knott, the director of SRT. Also look for our track reviews of each vehicle throughout the week.

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