Dodge SRT4

2005 Dodge SRT4 - 4dr Sedan (Base)
4dr Sedan (Base)
2.4L I-4
22 City / 30 HWY
Watch dual-engined Dodge SRT4 do a FWD burnout, a RWD burnout, then AWD launch

There's something fantastically insane about racers who go out on their own and build something unique. Just take this crazy video from last year of a twin-engine Dodge SRT4 at a drag strip that can burn the rubber at either end – or both ends – at a moment's notice.
Are you the Dodge Dart SRT4?

Dodge has just confirmed that it will be bringing its newest Dart variant, the Dart GT, to Detroit next week, but we're still in the dark about when we'll see a truly hotted-up SRT4 version. But now, by way of the rumormill anyway, we've got at least one proposed, potentially Dodge-based rendering to light our way.
2013 Dart GT will hold us over until SRT stokes Dodge's handsome compact

No, this isn't quite the Dart SRT4 we've been waiting for – and still believe is coming – but as part of its 2013 Detroit Auto Show lineup, Dodge will be showing off the slightly sportier Dart GT seen here.

For Sale

2005 Dodge Neon
$8,995 / 99,000 miles / CA
2005 Dodge Neon
$7,995 / 78,000 miles / CA
2004 Dodge Neon
/ 165,558 miles / CA

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