Over here in North America we're all gushing over hybrids that appear to blend technology with voodoo magic to achieve a high level of fuel efficiency while maintaining an acceptable, if not superior, level of performance. The diesel-loving Europeans don't need our silly hybrids to get great gas mileage, though. Take the Citroen C1, which has just received a PSA Peuegot/Citroen-sourced 1.4L diesel engine that produces a staggering 55 bhp and 96 ft-lb of torque while managing to sip fuel at a rate of 69 mpg. Even the petrol-powered version gets 61.5 mpg. The diesel-powered C1 costs about $14,612 U.S. Would you pay almost $15,000 for 69 mpg? It seems people were willing to pay more than that for a Honda Insight when it was first offered.

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