This site has a reputation for posting anything that comes across its desk, so know beforehand that this is not an artist's rendering of what the next Acura NSX might look like. One astute commenter noticed that the drawing looked an awful lot like the Cadillac Cien concept vehicle of a few years back. The rest of the people commenting didn't believe him and continued to criticize Honda/Acura for swiping the Enzo's nose. Then the astute gentleman decided to post the pic from which this photoshopped rendering was so obviously derived. Follow the link and compare them both. Look closely at the wheels and the side air intakes.

The site that posted the pic claims it and inside info about the next NSX were provided to them by a Japanese source who claims there is a lot of hope that the car will have a new "multi cylinder engine". As opposed to what, a mono-cylinder engine?

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