Sticky Pod Camera Mount

Found this little photo accessory over at Engadget. It's a suction cup mount for cameras and camcorders that can be affixed to nearly any flat surface on a car and stay stuck for hours even at speeds well above 100 mph. The Sticky Pod was featured in the March issue of Automobile Magazine and was, according to its own website, very well received.

Being an automotive journalist, I think this gadget looks like a great way to get shots of a moving vehicle, and track day applications are obvious. However, that's easy to say considering I would never be sticking it on my own car. Even if it does stick as well as the manufacturer claims (and doesn't harm the paint), there are so many scenarios one could imagine happening if just one time it didn't. Picture your Canon digital SLR being instantly converted into a speed bump. Still, we wouldn't mind testing one of these things on an Autoblog Garage vehicle.

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