Ford's rejection of Lee Iacocca's idea for the modern-day minivan was a major blunder in the annals of automotive history. It must have stung something fierce when Iaccoca resurfaced at Chrysler, a company that was more than happy to fund his little project. Fast forward 25 years and both Ford and GM have never managed to gain a significant share of the minivan market. Things could change in the coming years as Autoweek reports that GM will replace all of its mutant minivans (Uplander/Montana SV6/Terraza/Relay) with radically different designs, perhaps even axing the Buick and Saturn variants, by 2008. Ford's idea is to dump the minivan concept altogether (Take that, Iacocca!) and go with something akin to the Fairlane concept that debuted at the 2005 Detroit auto show.

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