Oh, I know there are some tired GM sales reps out there. We guess they will stay tired, because GM is extending their Employee Discount program until August 1st. We could say: "To everyone who wanted to buy GM, better buy now before the deal ends." However, with the price war just heating up, GM may extend the discount past August 1st. Ford and Chrysler have officially joined in this epic employee discount battle. All three programs are meant to clear out inventory, but Ford and Chrysler has been forced to level the playing field after GM extended its successful program.  It will be interesting to see how the sales will look at the end of July. GM's incentive program seemed to hurt sales of Ford's truck and SUV lines in June. With Ford's incentive pricing drastically reducing prices on SUVs and trucks, the tables may turn for July sales. Or will the price war cut into sales of foreign makes? Guess we'll know for sure the first week in August.

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