We imagine that when all of the auto executives get together to talk shop, each big wig makes a point to grandstand about what world records his or her car company holds. The Ford guy bellows about the F-150, the best-selling vehicle of all time. The Japanese execs argue over who sells the world's most reliable sedan. The Italians invariably get into a fist fight over which one sells the world's most exclusive exotic. And then there's the Volkswagen exec, who stands up and announces that his company now holds the world record for highest altitude attained by a stock vehicle. Rainer Zietlow, some guy who claims he's attained fame by taking stock vehicles to extremely high altitudes, piloted a stock Toureg with the base 3.2L V6 to the peak of Chiles Ojos del Salado, the worlds tallest volcano. Guiness marks the record altitude at 19.950 feet. Perhaps VW should tag its Toureg with the title of "Best Luxury SUV above sea-level".

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