According to Lamborghini's chief designer, Lamborghini is looking to expand its line up. The expansion could include a new GT inspired by the Espada 2+2 from the late Sixties and Seventies. This speculation is not new, but Lamborghini-sponsored designs done by Emily Sawamura from the Pasadena Art Center have added fuel to the fire. Also, news that the Espada name will not be used has been confirmed. The new name, Lagartijo, is inspired by the matador who spared the famous fighting bull Murcielago. While the name relationship is nice, it is the design that we find interesting. You can see the designs by Sawamura here.

This could be a good move for Lamborghini. Their recent success with the Gallardo and Murcielago has opened up the brand. The 2+2 GT will expand the range nicely, offering a more comfortable car with a higher level of utility. Rumor also has it that Lamborghini also has a crossover on the way, but we would put more effort into getting the Lagartijo on the market instead of a crossover.

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