Sparked by Ford's announcement that tires need to be replaced every six years despite their wear, the trade group for tire makers is pushing the NHTSA to issue a consumer advisory. With the majority of the auto manufacturers now saying tires need to be replaced every six years, the Rubber Manufacturers Association, the tire trade group, wants the NHTSA to eliminate any confusion over tire age and safety. GM is backing the tire industry as well, saying that it is likely that tires will wear out before age becomes an issue.

A consumer group is also advocating that manufacturers put clearer labels on cars to indicate tire age. This seems to be a solution that some people like, but truly how is it going to matter? If someone keeps their tires on their cars for 6-10 years, it is likely that they may not even look to see how old they are anyway. Think of what that demographic is like, those who keep tires on a car for 6-10 years. They either drive very infrequently, which reduces the wear of their tires so they do not need replacement. Or they could be the variety that does not even pay attention to their tires, in which case a label would do little good to motivate a tire replacement because of age. Educating people on proper tire care is a more important issue than figuring out when old tires need to be replaced.

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