Wow, what a short boycott! Less than a week ago, the conservative Christian group the American Family Association announced a boycott against Ford for their support of gay rights groups, their gay marketing, and their active recruiting of homosexuals. On Monday, they suspended their call for a boycott after a Texas dealer offered to mediate between Ford and the AFA. Jerry Reynolds, owner of Prestige Ford in Garland, Texas, wrote the AFA pleading to end the boycott because it would mostly hurt dealers and their employees. Reynolds and four other dealers met with AFA founder Donald Wildmon to discuss the matter in Dallas. Reynolds is going to get the ear of Ford executives, but they were able to iron out some issues at the Dallas meeting. On the AFA's boycott website, you would often see advertisements aimed at homosexuals. The only problem was, they were not American ads. Reynolds and his peers convinced Wildmon to only focus on North American advertisements. Reynolds was convinced the boycott would hurt sales in the Bible Belt, but we think Wildmon took advantage of the mediation because the boycott may have be ineffective.

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