Here's another little-known aftermarket manufacturer called Xstatic that makes a great product in the form of its Batcap line of high-discharge car batteries. (WARNING: learning follows) The chemical reaction within a normal car battery creates a flow of electrons that can power an electric device in your car. Your $10,000 audio system, however, demands a few more electrons a lot faster than your DieHard can provide them. A capacitor can store a charge and discharge 20,000x faster than normal battery, thereby giving your amps the juice they require. Unfortunately, capacitors lack the ability to produce electricity like a battery. The Xstatic Batcap is the best of both worlds: a battery that can discharge as fast as a capacitor. You can find Batcaps in some of the loudest vehicles on earth that hit decibel levels in the neighborhood of 175+. I believe Jello becomes explosive at 169.8 db. Can anyone confirm from experience?

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