The loss of the Celica after 35 years in production at the end of the 2005 model year will leave a hole in Toyota's lineup that, we're afraid, the Solara Coupe cannot quite fill. Perhaps Toyota is making room on the shelf for a rumoured Supra replacement that will butt heads with the 350Z. The Celica is a car that deserves respect, though no one can really argue that it's dominated the class of small 4-cylinder sport coupes. Over the last fifteen years at least it's always occupied the middle of the pack. The second car I owned, however, was a 1983 Celica GT with fender flares and louvers on the back hatch. It was a great car, so I shed a tear for the departing Celica. Check out this page for a good history lesson on the Celica and Supra. They used to be the same car, you know.

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