Volvo's new design director, Steve Mattin, believes Volvo should remain unique and independent. Mattin was formerly with Mercedes-Benz where he created the A-Class, the S-Class, the C-Class sports coupe and the SL. I don't know why the previous Volvo designer, Peter Horbury, isn't with Volvo any more, but I thought they were heading in the right direction – sleeker and more aerodynamic, but still retaining its distance from its parent, Ford. However, this quote from Mattin is particularly disturbing: "I tend to live the brand - it is fixed in your brain and becomes impregnated in your soul." Um, yeah, not only does safety conscious Volvo want the market on pregnant women, but also wants to impregnate my soul.

UPDATE: Peter Horbury now leads Ford's North American design. Thanks, Nick.

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