VeliteThe big news that GM is going to be hit big with job cuts should not be celebrated by anyone. We've taken our shots at GM for questionable product development and execution but that is part of our job. We don't take pleasure in one of the country's top employers looking at the prospect of losing more jobs, market share and profits. Who knows how GM will come out of this, but if the company can't be fixed there will be repercussions throughout the country. So while other groups offer their own restructuring plan let's give our own.

Cut copycat cars but keep the brands

We don't want to lose Buick or Pontiac. So, instead of losing a brand lets lose the multiple platform minivans and SUVs. Pontiac should carry the Solstice, GTO and G6 line only. Lose the Bonneville and send those folks to Buick. Buick should stick with the much improved Lucerne and LaCrosse and the Rendezvous SUV. These slimmer line-ups will certainly simplify buying decisions and people will still get their favorite nameplate.

If Saturn can pull off their new products they will get a stay of execution as well. The Aura sedan, a new SUV and even the Sky Roadster (to draw people in) will do well. They just need an Ion replacement (coupe, sedan and hatch) to round out their line-up.

GMC and Hummer should join

Chevy will still need to make trucks so we'd say kill GMC if they didn't sell so many darned vehicles. It makes sense to keep them around but stop building Hummer dealerships. Put them with GMC. Guys who come in for an Envoy might pick up a H2 instead. You never know.

The only brand that should be killed is Isuzu.

Cadillac is doing fine. Leave them alone.

Sell Saab. Find a buyer fast and sell. Maybe Richard Branson, or some other rich nutball, wants to buy their own eccentric car line.

Chevy can kill the HHR and SSR now. Use their financial troubles as an excuse. Neither one will sell. Then dump the Impala (fleet only) and Monte Carlo. A brand new Buick Grand National will sell better than an aging Monte Carlo. And it will get people into Buick dealerships. You don't need something as radical as the Velite concept to bring people in. A Subaru-sourced turbo GNX would be huge and solve the "where's the Camaro" problem. Plus a base version, sans turbo, would be an affordable coupe that isn't a Monte Carlo.

Chevy should stick to affordable transport and the Corvette. It doesn't need a bigger sedan than the Malibu. Send those folks to Buick.

I think we just trimmed the fat and offered some good ideas for GM brass. What would you guys want added and deleted to help GM?

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