We found an article from AutomoBear that helps plead the G6's case. It should be known that the G6 is not yet a complete line, which hightlights another flaw in GM's armor; bringing out a car that doesn't have all its ducks in a row. The Cobalt and G6 came to market with really one "model". The G6, which replaces the 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder Grand Am coupe and sedan, is only available with one engine and two trims. By the time 2006 model year comes along, there will be three body styles, three trims and three engines. The most telling quote: "If one were to compare March, 2005 G6 V6 retail sales to March, 2004 Grand Am V6 retail sales, the numbers would play at 7,859 to 5,017, 57% in favor of the G6." Just a look at the other side of the argument.

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