Dodge at the NY Show

WK: Dodge's biggest news wasn't the 425 horsepower Charger SRT-8, it was the first assault on Ford's dominance in the law enforcement vehicle monopoly since GM pulled the Caprice from the market in 1996. Sure, there were FWD Impalas and Intrepids but many agencies will tell you that it's easier to realign the front end after hopping a curb than it is to replace a busted half-shaft. The beautiful Charger SRT-8 is just icing on the money cake that the police-package Charger could do for Dodge. Cops will feel cool again in their cruisers.
Grade: B+

DT: Dodge didn't need to do much this week. The venomous looking Charger SRT-8 will build momentum for the Charger badge, even if it is much discussed by purists. I'm guessing all those two-door guys Dodge loyalists are switching to the Ford Mustang then? Come on. The police cruisers seem cool but as one reader mentioned, how are criminals going to get in the back seat with hands behind their backs? The doors are really small is what he meant.
Grade: B-

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