The one thing that has shocked me since I started getting test vehicles about two years ago is the fact that some of the cars I test have technical problems. You would think the cars that car companies deliver to reporters would be covered with a fine tooth comb before being delivered. But often they are not. I've had cars that rattled, brakes screeched, sunroofs shook and other problems. So the onlysurprising part of Detroit Free Press writer Mark Phelan's recent bout with a faulty car was the nameplate of Toyota. His test of the new Avalon found many glitches with the otherwise worthy sedan. The other bit of the story that didn't make sense was that he didn't like the fact that traction control and electronic stability control were optional with a $34,629 price. Um that is the as tested price that I would guess includes both those options. Bad editing there is my guess.

And for the positive spin on the car, Joe Sherlock blogs about his first time washing his new Avalon, that to my knowledge has had nothing fall off.

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