2005 <a class=Suzuki Works Techno Reno 400" src="http://www.weblogsinc.com/common/images/5181077118718511.JPG?0.7746739524070472" align="top" border="0" height="279" hspace="0" vspace="4" width="425" />

Suzuki has released a special SWT version of the Reno five-door to American car buyers. The SWT package adds only $500 to the Reno LX $15,894 base price and includes a mid-mounted rear spoiler, carbon fiber B-pillar trim and body graphics, rear bumper protector, trunk gear net, stainless steel exhaust tip and a SWT 64MB key fob flash drive. Yes, the whole package is appearance only mods. A SWT Aerio is next on the list and wants to add more each year. Now if we can urge Suzuki to tweak suspension and engine.

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