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I couldn't finish this series without a picture of the Mercury Montego's gigantic trunk. The thing is just enormous and goes on forever. We made a Costco run and hit the grocery store and it barely made a dent in the amount of space back there. The rear seats do fold down, but they're not close to flat and are narrow. I'm not quite sure how much use anyone would get out of that feature in this circumstance except on those rare occasions for skis or lumber.

In an odd way the trunk adds quite a bit of utility to the Montego. Most small sedans these days wouldn?t be comfortable for a foursome on a road trip. There is certainly plenty of space in the trunk for full luggage and then some and inside there is plenty of hip room to spread out.

Motego Rear Seat

In the image above it is easy to see the Montego?s interior quality is just not going to shine. The back seat really is a ?bench? in every sense of the word. Check out how the seat just tucks into the carpet. It reminds me of the backseat of a taxicab if it weren?t for the nifty adjustable headrests.

Montego Rear SeatNow that I?ve said goodbye to the Montego, I can see it being a decent family sedan for those that travel a lot. It would also be great for those salesmen who still log a lot of miles and need something that looks a lot nicer on the outside than it does on the inside. In the end, we wish Ford spent as much time on the interior quality as they did on the nice strong lines of the exterior. We?ll be waiting.

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