Dodge said it. Dealers said it. Buyers bought it. The 2004 Dodge Ram Rumble Bee was "supposed" to be a limited run of 3700 units. Each truck had numbered dash plaque and seat covers making owners feel special about their muscle car-inspired, bumble-bee striped truck. When numbers were spotted over the 3700 number mark, owners started asking questions. When the "Second Swarm" was released for 2005, more questions and eyebrows were raised. Dodge went on the record to say they never quote production numbers (they do, just look at the Daytona editions) and always adds the legal line, "However, DaimlerChrysler reserves the right to produce additional vehicles as related to market demand". Rule number one in buying new automobiles – buy them because you like them, not because they may be worth money some day.

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