driving force proFinally. GT4 is here. I quickly set up the Logitech Driving Force Pro wheel in the best configuration I could manage. I attached the wheel to my low coffee table and put the pedals at my feet. I had to lean over quite a bit, but it wasn't overly uncomfortable. Still, if this were going to be a long-term test I would have to find another solution.

Instantly, users of the wheel will feel the difference between playing GT3 and GT4 on this accessory. In the previous version the wheel?s feedback seems too pronounced and the vehicles never reacted fluidly. It was a constant battle just to get the car?s nose where it was supposed to go.

Now I see the light. Gran Turismo 4 gives the wheel new life. This is what I would call a true simulation. I?m using the paddle shifters at all times and their quick action is terrific. But it is the wheel itself that stuns. On wide turns the feedback is minimal and users just have to angle a small amount. Come in too fast to the tighter turns and a 90 degree revolution is often required. Regaining control of a loose back-end is completely natural and is probably the most surprising attribute this $150 gem has shown.

Another plus it gets is for the feedback. When another car smacks into me from behind, the combination of feedback and my surround sound is almost too realistic.

The big minus the set-up gets is the lack of a sticky grip on the foot pedal mount. Where your heel rests is completely plastic. A patch of sticky rubber would make it much easier to switch pedals especially when your feet are in socks (we are inside after all).

I couldn?t imagine spending $150 on a steering wheel accessory but I play a wide range of games. If GT4 was my main reason for gaming, the wheel would definitely be worth it. I don?t see how it?s a complete game without it.

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