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I realize I haven't talked much about what I like in the Jeep Grand Cherokee yet but I just haven't gotten up the energy to talk about the positive. Bashing something is just so much easier. We've already tackled the plastic feel of the cabin but the gauges are really quite nice. There's a window that alerts you to warnings, mileage info and the compass and temperature as well. I love the compass and temp. Unfortunately our test vehicle overrides that info with the "Spare tire pressure is low" message.

I?m not sure if the spare tire pressure is really low or if the cold weather is fooling the system. If I owned the vehicle I?d hit a gas station, dig under the cargo area and fill the thing up with some air to check. Hopefully a car with 3,000 miles on it doesn?t really need air inflated into the spare. The more alarming monitor for you car buyers out there is the one below.

Jeep Msg 2

7.9 mpg average?! What?! That?s pathetic. I put 100 miles on the car, 20 on the highway the rest in the city. And even if my city driving is harsher than that of most of the country 7.9 is just disgusting. I didn?t even find the need for the Hemi in the performance area and certainly would opt for a V6 with this car. That?s a rarity you know, an automotive journalist wanting less power. But for practicality a smaller engine should be considered.

Jeep Visibility

Rear visibility also is no great asset for this new, larger Grand Cherokee. Luckily the side mirrors are huge as is the rear glass so it?s only a problem during those moments on the highway when you need to change lanes. Oh wait that could be a big problem. Even the front pillars have huge handles on them obstructing the driver?s view.

But otherwise there is a lot to like about this SUV and I promise to get into it tomorrow.

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