Nextel Salute to America

At least with the Daytona 500 they get the stupid stuff out of the way first unlike the Super Bowl that sticks it in the middle. Pre-race ceremonies went on forever and the "Nextel Salute to America" made me want to move to Canada. I'm not country fan so Clint Black does nothing for me. Brian Wilson should have been left in the room he spent so many years of his life addicted to coke, as he was not singing (more like yelling), not playing keyboards (just sitting in front of one), and trying to keep the beat with feeble finger-snapping, just pathetic. Kids, this is your brains on drugs. John Ondrasik was OK (I met him once for a small concert at an out of the way bar in NJ, nice guy, gracious, BS'd with the crowd) and Vanessa Williams went through every verse of "America the Beautiful". And if Aston Kutcher was mentioned one more time, I was going to the rooftops and taking aim.

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