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Two weeks ago I was out shopping with the better half and wandered to the shoe section at Nordstrom. Then I saw the oddest thing. It was an Adidas sneaker but it looked different than the classic three stripes I routinely sport. There was an odd tread like a high performance tire that wrapped all the way up the heal. When I got to work the next week I checked it out and indeed Adidas has a whole line of motorsports inspired clothing and footwear. I dug a bit and found the PR folks for Adidas and they sent a bunch of samples.

Adidas 2

Unfortunately in fashion I guess we don?t get to keep, and thus giveaway, the product. Test shoes for example are always a size 9 (damn these size 10.5 feet). So what could we really test about the Tuscany style shoes they sent us? Not much. But the quality of the leather is high, the sole seems very stiff and like other racing shoes I?ve seen the covered heal is essential for shifting. To me the best part about the shoe is that it looks like any other Adidas so you won?t be called out for being a car geek, at least not immediately.
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