Here's a good little story on what a $448,300 car does for a dealership in West Springfield, Mass. The usual nose-pressers take their place and even potential buyers give a gander. What surprised me is that Porsche hasn't sold every one of these that comes to the states. The fact that this car is just sitting in a showroom astounds me. I'm also stunned that the Porsche dealers aren't chopping at the bit just to drive one. They're all scared. If you sold Porsches for a living, wouldn't getting the chance behind the wheel of the GT, even just for a cruise around the block, be on the top of your "Things To Do" list? The last line is the funniest – when asking the dealer if the GT would get President's Day sale pricing he says, "we could probably make it an even $448,000," taking $300 bucks of the price. Joke… or not?

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