FJ live

DT: Two letters, F and J. The FJ Cruiser concept looks almost identical to the last FJ concept. Yet here it gets a new introduction and the promise that it will actually be built. All well and good if you're a fan of the FJ. Otherwise there was nothing here for Toyota. I can't believe I'm saying this but I thought the Avalon was a much more significant model in almost all respects.
Grade: D+

WK: Toyota's going out on a limb. That in and of itself is worth a high grade. The FJ is a risk, but if they keep the projected numbers low, they'll sell every one of them. The FJ is not for me, but I'm not the intended target (other than being the Gen X male that they have stated as the audience), but I know where they are going with it. Biggest problem is it was only a production concept and had no interior to inspect which hurt the grade.
Grade: B-

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