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The press release on the Dodge Nitro is pretty light on facts but from what we can tell it sure looks like it's ready for production. It also appears this Dodge fills out the company's line-up with a Jeep Liberty based platform and lots of Dodge exterior bodywork. What's most impressive is the slick interior that looks expensive but is probably going to keep the price in line with the Liberty. The engine is the Chrysler Group 3.7 Liter V6 that produces 210 horsepower. Unfortunately even in the press release 0-60 is 9.6 seconds. At least we know they're not trying to overhype it. And it also reinforces our belief this will be in the showrooms as soon as Dodge can build it. Bring it on…at the link below.

Dodge Nitro 3
Dodge Nitro 4
Dodge Nitro 5
Dodge Nitro 6
Dodge Nitro 7
Dodge Nitro 8
Dodge Nitro 9
Dodge Nitro Int 1
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Dodge Nitro Int 3
Dodge Nitro Int 4
Dodge Nitro Int 5
Dodge Nitro Cargo 1
Dodge Nitro Cargo 3

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