Business 2.0

named Toyota the smartest company in 2004 citing its rising profits and market share as top reasons for the "award." The quotations are because we don't think Business 2.0 actually has a little "Smartest Company" trophy anywhere to hand out. We also don't agree on the thought that product and marketing had "intelligent moves" behind them. This is just Toyota's steady movement as a continual powerhouse. Actually we can't point to one design in 2004 that was breathtaking, Scion being the exception. Pontiac also won "Smartest Product Placement" for putting the G6 on Oprah. That seemed like a no-brainer while "Smartest Use of Technology" going to GPS based insurance policies was a bit of a stretch. With all the gazillions of items over at Engadget I bet a few outdid that one for practicality and scope (only5,000 folks are taking part in the pilot program…in England).

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