We try to stay out of the political theater here at Autoblog but sometimes the polarizing left and right dip into our arena so we have to take them to task. It's unfortunate that this is about hybrid cars too since folks will think we're "green," or whatever, but it's irksome that this article/column is just so wrong on a few fronts. #1 among those is that it says the average buyer of a Toyota Prius is wealthy, therefore the tax credit of $2,000 per vehicle is going to people that can afford it like Cameron Diaz. Of course there's no data to say what income level is buying the Ford Escape Hybrid, Civic Hybrid etc. Also it is "household income" over $100,000. That is not always one person making six figures, and usually it isn't that's why there is a term called household income to begin with, when later the author alludes to a single salary. He also goes on to say these are "Hybrid Liberals." If this becomes a catchphrase we're going to hate writing about hybrids for the next half century. There's no reason to bring politics into a car discussion especially when the facts mentioned are so weak and contradictory. Again we're not liberals, we're not green, we just want political pundits to step-off on topics that are easy to paint into a red or blue state when they deserve to be talked about among those that matter, gearheads. Let's not forget the two automotive contributors to the inauguration were Ford (Escape Hybrid) and Toyota (Prius).

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