We wish we had some pictures of what these guys are thinking of, but there is nothing, even at the website their press release points to (rule number 1 of new businesses, at least get the site up for people to see, especially if you link to it in your PR). Fisker Coachbuild is based in Southern California and wants to grace the world with their cars. The two guys behind it all have a pretty intensive past. Henrik Fisker (CEO) worked in the design studio with Ford and BWM and has penned such works of art as the Aston Martin DB-9, AM-V8 concept and the BMW Z07 concept and Z8 production car of that said concept. Bernhard Koehler (COO) also worked for Ford and BMW and had a hand in the DB-9 and AM-V8. We'll have to wait till the end of 2005 to see what these two can actually come up with and if they can be economically viable selling 150 cars a year (projected). I have a link to their site, but as I said, nothing there.

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