2006 <a class=Corvette Z06 being introduced" hspace="0" src="http://www.weblogsinc.com/common/images/8265274426338252.jpg?0.9820109545932171" width="425" align="top" vspace="4" border="1" />

WK:  The Z06 was my favorite production vehicle unveiling of the show, call me a sucker for a long, cool woman in a tight, yellow dress. You have power, road handling ability and rock-bottom prices when compared to other cars in its class. You have to credit GM's Performance Division for stepping up to the challenge. The C6-R was a good compliment to the Z06 launch. When you add the much more competitive 2006 Impala introduced in LA as well as the HHR (whether you like the look or hate it, it still hits the small wagon sweet-spot) I can't help but be happy with what I saw.
Grade: A

DT: The only thing that impressed me of the Z06 was its 3-point steering wheel. Other than that the power and performance would only floor me during a road test. Although I think the impact of having a super-car killer for this price is amazing, it still looks like any other Vette. The Impala and Monte Carlo bored me and I couldnt' find a HHR on the floor. The display was hapahazard, I'd guess because of the room for the big presentation stage, but I wasn't in love with Chevy's outing.

Grade: C-

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