We often play media critic but rarely will we put down an automotive blog simply because we like to play nice. But a new trend of this year's auto show was reporters being "forced" to blog as I overheard one say. Sorry to burden you with the new form of online media but if you don't want to blog don't do it. Sigh…anyway, the highest profile of the group was AutoWeek's blog. Their "Postcards From The Frozen North" was interesting because there were behind the scenes glimpses that we couldn't get, mainly from Richard Chang. Throughout his posts we got more of the backstage feel of what was going on. The other three guys did OK but most of the posts were too long to hold any interest and lacked photos. Click below for the rest of the auto show bloggers.

Popular Mechanics has an automotive blog and it kept tabs throughout the show but by day. That?s not very up to date guys. The link to previous posts is also down. A good idea was a photo blog but the large pictures were often too dark, although I can?t speak of all my great photos can I?

USA Today featured a ?Reporter?s Notebook? that read less like a blog and more like a miscellaneous section of everything that couldn?t fit in the feature stories.

The Detroit Blog got credentialed for the auto show even though the blogger says he knows nothing about cars. Autoblog had to petition to get full access to the show, and did so successfully of course. But still?the spiel of ?well the show organizers have never heard of your site before? didn?t make sense to us when we got the original restricted passes. Anyway, it?s a humorous entry on the whole show from a complete outsider. Just one post, but funny as hell.

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