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OK it seems the two biggest beefs we've heard so far is "where's the rear-end shot of the Jetta" and "can you really fit in the back seat of the Audi A3." So here are images to answer your questions.

Can I fit?

Yes I Can.

Second one first. These are my legs (sexy aren?t they?) in the back seat behind the driver. The front seat is set to fit me 5?10 so don?t think I?m rigging these shots. The seat can slide back much farther. My knees do not touch the back of the front seat, but I?ll admit it?s close. My feet fit underneath the front seat without rubbing against it. I could handle this for any trip under an hour.

And now you have the back end of one of the Jettas. This is obviously a different treatment to the lights (awful isn?t it?) but this is to answer Ken?s question about what made me said it was less Corolla-ish around the back. There are still some Japanese tendencies here but I see what VW is trying to do. I?m less impressed with the interiors though.

Is everyone happy now?

Alan I haven?t had time to get your questions answered. My feet are about to fall off as is. This is the busiest auto show anyone here can remember and I?m hoping that?s true. It?s my first time at Detroit, I usually cover Chicago, but there is just a ton to see here?and those three flights of escalators, bomb sniffing dogs every time you go into the hall etc.

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