Pontiac G6 <a class=Convertible" hspace="0" src="http://www.weblogsinc.com/common/images/9265163394105727.JPG?0.9212248776757962" width="425" align="top" vspace="4" border="1" />

Well, I'm not sure when the embargo is up, but this one is out on the media sites and making the Internet rounds. This is the Pontiac G6 GTP (the stitching on the headrest give it away). It has a retractable hardtop that operates with the touch of a button and takes less than 30 seconds to transform from coupe to convertible. No pics of it with the hardtop up, but I bet we get them tomorrow. This is powered by the new 3900 V-6 from GM. More to come when Autoblog gets it.

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