A few weeks ago I received a press release that said Richard Homan was going to be Executive Editor of Inside Line by Edmunds.com. Sure Homan might be known as former Executive Editor of Road & Track but I didn't have a clue what this Inside Line was. The nugget went into the back of my mind and buried in my Inbox. The very next day I get another press release from Edmunds saying Scott Oldham late of Sport Compact Car would be Inside Line's Senior Editor. OK now I'm pissed that no one is telling me what this thing is. A quick reply is sent back saying all will be revealed in time. As a belated Christmas gift to inquiring minds we now get this teaser site that explains Inside Line will be a daily streaming website with full video that also promises to be interactive. The trailer looks OK but doesn't really show off how the site will work when it launches January 9th. I'm guessing some of that first content will be coming from the Detroit Auto show but that's not too hard to figure out. I'm just glad the company isn't trying to get into blogs.

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