I don't like the trend – only the four-doors survive. Chrysler is killing off the two-door versions in the Stratus and Sebring line. That in itself is not the worst news, they were hardly great cars (the last redo of the Stratus looked pretty good). The worst part of the whole article is what Trevor Creed, senior vice president of Chrysler group design said. "If you do a two-door, people say it looks sportier but that a four-door is more practical. There is no market for two-doors." Now he could be spinning a good game, but what does this say to those who hoped for a 300 coupe and a Charger sans two extra doors? I know I'm an odd-ball and never want my primary vehicle to be a four-door so this trend is saddening to me. Even my SUV is a two door Blazer.

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