BMW, in all their Bangled glory, are set to surpass Volkswagen in sales in the United States to become the number one European seller in the country. VW, who sold 65,000 more vehicles than BMW in the U.S in 2003, are only 45 units ahead through November of this year (and that figure does not include BMW's MINI brand). But a VW of America spokesman says the two German automakers compete in different markets, so VW is not concerned. Different markets? What about the Phaeton vs. 7-Series (which flopped mightily, but none-the-less)? Toureg vs. X5? Passat vs. 3-Series? Okay, that last one is a little bit of a stretch, but with VW's attempts to go up-market, I'm sure their not quite letting on to their concern. Especially, as their sales have been declining since 2002, and are down 17.6% this year.

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