First everyone go read Anita Leinert's rant, I can't possibly call it an editorial, then come right back. Now, did anyone else notice a sizeable omission from this piece? I did. If you're going to call J Mays out for making the new Ford Five Hundred look like a VW Passat you should mention J Mays was one of the driving forces at VW during the last generation of vehicle design. In fact almost all of J Mays experience is with German companies. I'm guessing it was that experience Ford wanted in the first place when they hired him. From a Q&A on J Mays: "He returned to the US in 1989 as chief designer of Volkswagen's design studio in Simi Valley, California where he developed Volkswagen Concept One, which proved so popular as a concept car that it went into production as the new VW Beetle."

This took one Google of the name "J Mays."

And did anyone notice my omission of Anita's intro relating Jackson Pollock to car designers?

Thanks to SGV for the tip…did he know what I'd write?

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