Edmunds just released a new study that more 2004 model year cars are staying on dealer lots than in previous model years. These cars are also making up more sales than before. 2004 vehicles were 54% of sales in October as compared to 45% of 2003 model year vehicles last year and 31% of 2002 vehicles a year before. The average days-to-turn time, how long it takes to get a car off the lot, also increased to 114 days for a 2004 model in October. The average overall was 75 days, up from 59 in 2003 but down from 82 in September 2004. The carmaker with the longest turnaround was Isuzu at 141 days and the least was Mini with an astonishing 14 day mark. Incentives on 2005 model year vehicles are down though. So 2004 models may be the way to go for the cost conscious.

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