The Autmotive News is reporting that Axel Mees, Vice President of Audi of America and head of North American operations, has stepped down. Supposedly a source inside VW is confirming comments Mees made regarding the ill received VW Phaeton might be the reason for the departure. Mees, hired in March 2004, said the following which were reported in Ward's Automotive: "VW overall isn't ready to offer successfully cars in that price range, whatever they do. It can be the best car (but) I still will not buy it because it has a VW logo." Of course that perfectly sums up why the Phaeton bombed in the U.S. Mees also bad mouthed VW chairman Ferdinand Piech. "He (Piech) wanted to prove he could build a good car. He didn't look at the marketing aspect, the brand aspect." Right again it seems. Maybe VW should pick up Mees. Heck maybe a lot of companies could do worse than having a straight shooter on their team.

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