Mustang GT Garage
Driving the new Mustang GT is a surreal experience. Even though I've only had the vehicle in my possession for less than 24 hours I wanted to post something as soon as possible, to tell a simple story about how impressive this car is in person.

Around 12:30 a.m. last night my three-month-old boxer puppy Roxy wakes me up for a walk. I throw on a coat, grab a poop bag and head out the door. Just as she?s finally doing her business and I?m reaching for the bag a police cruiser comes to a sudden halt right in front of us. I?m a bit disoriented and still half asleep but double check to make sure that poop bag is handy so I don?t get a fine.

Two of Chicago?s finest get out with flashlights, point them in my direction and say ?Don?t worry sir we just want to look at the car.? My initial shock instantly turned to mild amusement as these two officers, about my age, check out the car with flashlights blazing. When they realized it was ?my? car for the week they start asking questions about the ride, power etc. Luckily I had the keys on me and popped it open so they could check out the inside without the need of a flashlight. The two officers were polite and definitely enthusiastic about seeing the new Mustang. After a few quick minutes they got back in their cruiser and continued their patrol.

That?s just the best example of how this car stops people in their tracks. On a few short drives around town other drivers stare, stop short at lights to check it out and basically aren?t afraid to gawk like schoolboys. It certainly is the first Mustang I?ve seen on the road in Chicago so I can understand the interest.

As for initial impressions?it?s nice, very nice. The new model is light years ahead of its predecessor with a pleasant ride and minimal road noise. Only the rumble of the engine intrudes, and rightly so, into the cabin. And I?m floored by how smooth the short throw styled shifter is. The Windveil Blue paint is very attractive and a nice alternative to silver, while the all-black leather interior is stylish and understated. I?ll hold off on driving impressions until I can get some real road time under my belt.

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