Now that I've driven the RSX Type-S for some significant miles I can say I'm impressed but not blown away. This is one of the nicer sports coupes I've been in lately and with its price tag it is one of the more expensive ones as well. The performance gains from the Type-S package are, in my mind, essential and I don't know if I'd even want one of the base, 160 horsepower models.

The clutch is smooth and light, while the shifter tends to feel a bit flimsy in the hands. It still offers easy transitions and the combination is one of the major factors that make the Type-S a terrific daily driver. I know many readers complain when I put so much weight on how certain models act as everyday cars, but in this segment all the power and performance still need to be somewhat practical. And in the case of the Type-S the fun quotient isn?t sacrificed. The high revving i-VTEC engine will surely delight those looking for power and the exhaust note sounds terrific.

RSX WheelThe handling isn?t as tight as the Saturn Ion Red Line and maybe even the Scion tC I?ve tested recently, but it is more than adequate. Steering is much more precise than either of the other two coupes though. The 17 inch wheels offer great traction and handled wet first-day weather well. There is of course that trademark Acura understeer but if you?re aware of it going in it?s not as distracting. 

So far I?m enjoying each day in the RSX. There are zero quality issues which sets it apart from the other two coupes immediately. There are also a lot of cool features included in the price that I?ll talk more about tomorrow.

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