The Chrysler 300 took the prize from Edmunds' editors this week in Las Vegas. Each year the automotive authority bestows the honor on a vehicle that "significantly changes the rules of a given segment, creates a new niche or redefines an automaker's image." The 300 certainly does that, especially by bringing RWD and the American sedan back to the covers of car magazines. For a list of "Editors' Picks" in many categories click below. 

   Coupe Under $15,000                               Honda Civic
   Sedan Under $15,000                               Mazda 3
   Wagon Under $15,000                               Scion xB
   Coupe Under $25,000                               Ford Mustang
   Convertible Under $25,000                         Mazda MX-5 Miata
   Sedan Under $25,000                               Chrysler 300
   Wagon Under $25,000                               Dodge Magnum
   SUV Under $25,000                                 Chevrolet Equinox
   Coupe Under $35,000                               BMW 3 Series
   Convertible Under $35,000                         BMW Z4
   Sedan Under $35,000                               BMW 3 Series
   Wagon Under $35,000                               Audi A4
   SUV Under $35,000                                 Toyota 4Runner
   Coupe Under $45,000                               Chevrolet Corvette
   Convertible Under $45,000                         Audi A4
   Sedan Under $45,000                               Cadillac STS
   SUV Under $45,000                                 Volkswagen Touareg
   Coupe Over $45,000                                Mercedes-Benz CL-Class
   Convertible Over $45,000                          Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
   Sedan Over $45,000                                Audi A8
   Wagon Over $35,000                                Mercedes-Benz E-Class
   SUV Over $45,000                                  Land Rover Range Rover
   Compact Truck                                     Dodge Dakota
   Large Truck                                       Nissan Titan
   Minivan                                           Honda Odyssey
   Exotic                                            Ford GT

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