For those of you who aren't familiar with Japanese Touring Car (JGTC), it's Japan's equivalent of Nascar-in the loosest sense.  With Nascar, you watch a bunch of cars from a few different domestic manufacturers that only share their name with production models drive in a circle until someone gets dizzy and crashes (kudos if you're into that). In a JGTC event, you'll see cars from several manufacturers around the globe that are more similar technologically to their street counterparts driving in a circle until someone gets dizzy and crashes.  Providing more JDM goodness than a truckload of instant noodles, event organizers are marketing the whole weekend at the California Superspeedway as "GTLive".  The actual JGTC event will happen on Saturday, December 18th followed by the "JGTC Against The World Time Attack" where the top 6 finishers will take on 6 top tuner cars from around the world.  The madness spills into Sunday, December 19th as the D1GP will pit top US drifters against their more seasoned Japanese opponents in a contest to see who can asphyxiate the most people with vaporized tire.

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